CornerWIN software for turning calculations

CornerWIN provides the following calculation variations:

Turning in EU-circle, Turning in 120 deg arc, Turning in 180 deg arc, Circle with the chosen radius,

90 deg rectangular corner. (Swedish rule). Austroads Arterial Road Swept Path, 90 degrees (Norwegian standard)

Austroads Major Arterial Road Swept Path, Turning in 360 deg arc, Turning in arc, with chosen arc.

Pull feature which allows You to drive the combination with the mouse through intersection or different kinds of traffic circles or building site.

On this last mentioned feature, user can also import own DXF drawings from building site or logistics centre and test

Turning with different kinds of truck and trailer combinations or with a b-double.

CornerWIN has got the official approval from the AB Svensk Bilprovning in Stockholm, which is

The Swedish Motor Vehicle Inspection Company.

'AB Svensk Bilprovning' is working to improve Road safety, environment and vehicle economy.

The picture is outputted in DXF-file so pictures can be transferred into CAD program. 

CornerWIN is normally used in conjunction with TrailerWIN. 

The dimensions for the truck and trailer are chosen in TrailerWIN. It is also possible to use CornerWIN as a standalone module without TrailerWIN.

Turning in EU-circle


- Turning in 120 deg arc. Turning in 180 deg arc, etc

- Circle with the chosen radius.
- 90 deg rectangular corne

(Swedish turning rule)

Austroads Arterial Road Swept Path


- Turning in 360 deg arc.

- Turning in arc, with chosen arc.
- Pull the combination with mouse on the screen. 
- Combination follows the mouse as well as it can. 

- Picture output in DXF-file , so that the pictures can be transferred into CAD program.

CornerWIN is usually used together with TrailerWIN. The dimensions for the truck and trailer will be chosen in TrailerWIN. 

It is also possible to use CornerWIN as a standalone module by itself without TrailerWIN.

This Programs are made for Windows 95 or Windows NT.

CornerWIN and BusWIN are available in follwing languages:

English, Finnish, German, Swedish

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